Duke Special [March 2007]

A lost boy in a musical neverland, he transmits an aura of pure, innocent exuberance. As he prepares to take on Galway and Limerick next month, Andrew Hamilton caught up with Duke Special.

WHAT a difference a year makes. In the opening exchanges of 2006, a question about Duke Special would more likely lead you to a conceited member of the British aristocracy than to a shy Belfast singer/songwriter. Yes, things have definitely changed for Peter Wilson, AKA Duke Special.
A series of high-profile media appearances and a touring schedule that would leave even the hardest of metal bands crying for their mammy have catapulted him from Peter Who? to Duke Special.
Indeed, February and March will see Wilson take on an incredible 27 gigs across Ireland, the UK and Europe in just 32 days. This is a familiar road for the workaholic. The only difference is, this time, people have finally started to listen.
“I have slept in cars, on dressing room floors and on many, many different floors of people’s houses and, yeah, I got to be hardcore. I mean, I was looking at my friends and they were earning a packet after leaving...

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