The Maria Doyle Kennedy Podcast [May 2007]

MISTY Tracy Wilmot is in trouble.
A talented artist, her young life is left in tatters as a failed suicide attempt leaves her new husband, Peter, in a coma. Moreover, half the town is trying to sue her because of the litany of ‘mistakes’ that her comatosed husband has made. Not exactly the ideal breeding ground for creativity. Think again. On the surface, there isn’t much that Maria Doyle Kennedy and
Misty have in common. One an Irish singer-songwriter and singer of some note; the other a budding American artist, plunged into the
depths of mental breakdown by circumstances beyond her control. One, flesh and blood; the other, of course, fictional.
When the author of Fight Club, Choke and Survivor, Chuck Palahniuk, breathed life into Misty four years ago, he could hardly have imagined that her life would become part of an altogether different
Doyle Kennedy explains the connection.
“After one of the shows, a friend of mine came up to me and said ‘I’ve read your album’ and gave me this book called Diary by Chuck Palahniuk. Of course, I became...

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