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DECEMBER 11, 1982. The Brighton Arena heaves with heavy expectation as a typically exuberant Jam gig closes in a haze of guitar and distortion. But this was no typical gig. After 10 years, an amazing decade in which they picked up the shreds of punk and twisted them into something still vibrant, The Jam were through.
A band at the peak of their power and popularity, there were many left scratching their heads when the news began to filter through. But for those closest to the band, the people who had watched as The Jam evolve through the late 70’s and 80’s, this came as no surprise.
Paul Weller’s musical direction was changing, moving from the raw energy of The Jam to something different, something post-mod. He went on to The Style Council and a solo career, leaving Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler to pick up the
pieces. It was a bitter pill to take.
Two decades have come and gone, and The Jam have claimed their rightful place amongst the musical great. Now the time has come for Bruce and Rick to come again, and take From The Jam on the road. Myself and Bruce always stayedin good contact. We always knew how to get hold of each other over the years and often did. But Paul cut communications after The Jam split. That was very difficult to understand at the time. Why didn’t he answer the phone calls? After a couple of years, you just stop trying, you stop sending the Christmas card, don’t ya? It’s a real shame but that was a decision for Paul. Me and Bruce have always stayed in touch and we are still great mates,” said Rick.

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